Welcome to HCLS

Welcome to HCLS

Our company HCLS (Human Capital Learning Solutions) offers a variety of solutions and services aimed at helping businesses ensure that their most valuable resource, Human Capital, is optimally trained and empowered to increase the organisation's value proposition.

We are a proudly-South African company with a footprint throughout Africa, serving a predominantly ICT customer base that includes business, academia, governments and NGOs.

Whether you require a Human Performance Improvement Intervention or simply a training solution, HCLS has something for every business.

Our consulting services can help you and your team identify any development areas within your organisation and provide the appropriate solution to enhance human performance.

Established in 2010, our group collectively has more than 50 years experience in both the private and public sector, focusing on Human Capital Development turnkey solutions.

HCLS is a level 2 BBBEE contributor

What we do:

We focus on delivering business value through education and technology. 

Latest News

12 July 2018
As the decision maker in your own organization one should caution against providing investment opportunities to family members that has either no interest, competence or zest that you have to drive business results. The question "Does this make busin...

Knowledge in an organisation begins and ends with people. The knowledge and experience that employees bring to their work is probably the greatest driver of an organisation’s success.

What employees know helps to build an organisation as well as to preserve, maintain and improve it. The future of your company depends on what you know rather than what you own...

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